Thursday, February 11, 2016

Writing an actual test...not yet.

First, I had to copy this very important line to TestMain.hx, and its requisite import lines.

Now, I'm curious if MUnit was tested with FlashDevelop, because I'm getting something strange regarding code completion.  If I type "Assert." (even in the example file, whose test passes; right below a line also beginning with "Assert.") and wait to see which methods I can use, I get the following in the Output pane:

Error: Could not process argument #--macro
Class name must start with uppercase character

It does not pop up a list of methods. I get the same error if I hit F4 over the token Assert, which is coloured blue to show it's correctly imported., that's problem 1.  Update: I found this handy info from here:

There’s just one last thing required to properly get up and running writing tests: adding the munit library to the project so that you can get code-completion on munit’s API. Open application.xml and add the line <haxelib name="munit" /> to the classpath, haxe libs section so it looks like:

<!-- classpath, haxe libs -->
<source path="src" />
<haxelib name="openfl" />
<haxelib name="actuate" />
<haxelib name="munit" />

VoilĂ —for realsies!
Except that adding the "munit" line as above--to a default project.xml I had to create (with current templates I have yet to come across application.xml so I believe that's outdated and/or openfl-specific rather than haxeflixel-specific)--only changed the error whenever I try autocompletion to:

Invalid commandline class : test.ExampleTest should be ExampleTest
./test/ExampleTest.hx:3: characters 7-31 : Type not found : massive.munit.util.Timer

That's on the import line.  If I remove that, then it can't find the Timer class referenced in the example.  Back to the drawing board...well, hopefully not that far back.

Meanwhile, if I try to write a test anyway, my characterAIAimsAndFires class was apparently mal-named, despite following the naming convention in the help, because the compiler complains (via macros, while I type code for the test) that the file name ought not to start with a lowercase letter.  So now it's CharacterAIAimsAndFires.  In its setup(), I call FlxG.switchState() to get my main world set up--just for now, until I properly decouple some of my code, I suppose.

Just adding the above and trying to compile, I get an error about TestMain, that it can't find FlxG.  That's because test.hxml also needs some lines like these:

-lib flixel
-lib flixel-addons
-lib scrollable-area
-lib nape
-lib advanced-layout

...or at least the first one, in this case. But I thought since I'll be testing pretty broadly, I should include whatever I have included in my Project.xml via haxelib directives.

 Turns out that's not enough:

HaxeWrapper.hx:73: C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\openfl/3,6,0/openfl/display/IBitmapDrawable.hx:17: characters 8-66 : Type not found : RenderSession
Error: Error compiling hxml for as3

Now, even if I add "-lib openfl" and "-lib lime", I still get this.  So that's problem 2, which is significantly bigger than problem 1...

I see that IBitmapDrawable refers to RenderSession via the package openfl._internal.renderer, but its entire contents are conditionally compiled "#if (!display && !flash)".  I guess either display or flash is defined true when compiling with munit, but not normally.

Likewise if I target cpp instead of flash (which my game compiles to without trouble) in the test.hxml file, I get this:

HaxeWrapper.hx:73: C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\flixel/git/flixel/FlxGame.hx:3: characters 7-27 : You cannot access the flash package while targeting cpp (for flash.display.Bitmap)
HaxeWrapper.hx:73: test/unit/TestMain.hx:1: characters 7-21 :     referenced here
Error: Error compiling hxml for cpp

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