Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Code coverage coming along for FlxScrollableArea...which has a new release!

In fact, technically if we're just talking about FlxScrollableArea.hx, it's complete.  Thus, scrollable-area 0.0.2-alpha is out!  Just in time for the release of HaxeFlixel 4.0.0, which it's already compatible with.  (In fact, it wasn't compatible with any previous version, because I needed the dev branch for certain fixes.)

Unit testing paid off already, because I discovered two bugs while writing the tests.

What's incomplete is coverage and further testing of the scrollbars themselves, in particular a simulation of dragability.

Code Coverage Result: 81.29%

Missing Code Coverage: gimmicky.FlxScrollbar [61.45%]
Because FlxScrollbar has to update FlxScrollableArea as it goes, I've left it loosely coupled, but this means that to test the former to full coverage, I will need to mock and stub the latter.  Stay tuned for adventures with Mockatoo!  (Yeah, because blogs are tuned into.  Don't forget to jump up and down and hold your arms at funny angles to improve your reception.)

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