Thursday, February 11, 2016

Unit testing my HaxeFlixel-based code

Since I'm still in the prototyping stage, I won't say that I should have added unit testing to my project earlier, necessarily.  TDDers may argue otherwise.  So be it.

Anyhoo, it's time to see how well MUnit and a HaxeFlixel project will play together.  Pretty well, I'm assuming, since HF itself uses MUnit for its unit tests.

So how do we get set up?  As the docs say, we install it and run it with haxelib.

The help displayed when running it gave some additional hints:

Massive Unit - Copyright 2016 Massive Interactive. Version 2.1.2
Usage: munit [subcommand] [options]
Type 'help ' for help on a specific subcommand.

Available commands:
   gen (g) : Generate a test runner based on classes in a test src directory
   run (r) : Runs a single unit test target and generates results
   test (t) : Updates, compiles and runs all targets from an hxml file
   create (ct) : Create test class
   config (c) : Modify default project specific settings for munit
   report (re) : Generate reports for CI environments and 3rd party tools

So, what I needed to do next was CD to my project's root, then run it again with the config (c) option.  It asked me for a bunch of paths, which were different from the standard HF demo template I had started with.  The last three, templates and coverage related, I left as null.

After that, it was time to create a new test, using the ct option.  I have a Character class already made, so I ran this:

haxelib run munit ct characterAIAimsAndFires -for Character

It seems I didn't need to run the gen (g) option at this point, because it had already made the required files.  Time to run the tests, then, with the test (t) option.

Oops, it complains, "Error: Library hamcrest is not installed."  I did what it said and installed hamcrest using haxelib.  Not sure why that wasn't an auto-installed dependency.  Maybe it only applies to certain platforms.

Trying again, I got a new error: "Error: Error compiling hxml for as2."  To get past this, I had to customize the auto-generated test.hxml by chopping out the as2, neko, and other sections I don't need.  Then, success!  I got a result on the command line saying the whole as3 platform passed ("PLATFORMS TESTED: 1, PASSED: 1, FAILED: 0, ERRORS: 0, TIME: 1.839") and also a browser window saying the 2 individual tests within it passed ("PASSED  Tests: 2  Passed: 2  Failed: 0 Errors: 0 Ignored: 0 Time: 0.255.")

Now to write an actual test...

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