Friday, April 24, 2015

Dear TextPad enthusiasts who now primarily work in a Linux environment

I've grown used to the snappy editing feel (and macro and regexp functionality) of TextPad. It's only for Windows. Suppose I begin working in a Linux-only environment (possibly but not necessarily CLI-only.) For other TextPad enthusiasts who know what I'm talking about, and were faced with the same situation, which editor(s) for Linux did you like best, and why? Also, what were the easiest and most difficult things to adjust to? Did you change all the keybindings so they were what you were more used to, or did you learn to work with new defaults? So far I default to nano in the CLI over vi, but I haven't learned most of the keyboard shortcuts of either. Emacs I haven't even touched yet but I have a sneaking suspicion that it would be well worth a investing some learning curve time in. On the GUI side Pluma has been OK but seems sluggish compared with TextPad, and in some way I haven't sat down and tried to define yet, has a keyboarding feel to it that I dislike compared with TextPad. Thanks for any recommendations. Your fellow TextPadian, Kev

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